Thanks to the support of so many, Dream for the Cure Cancer Research Foundation has already contributed significantly toward the advancement of research for more effective brain cancer treatments by funding innovative and clinically relevant research projects. It is time for us to win the war on cancer; it is a fight worth fighting for

helping expert researchers get reliable answers:

In 2018, Dream for the Cure Cancer Research Foundation funded the research of a clinical trial at the Mayo Clinic providing signature protein profiles of brain tumors to be analyzed with advanced big data computer science tools revealing potential targets for promising new therapies to treat brain cancer.

providing empowering research advances:

In 2019, Dream for the Cure Cancer Research Foundation will fund the research of promising new antibody therapies, some which are already FDA approved for other cancer types, against brain cancer. This research being done by experts at the Mayo Clinic could substantially improve quality of life and prolong survival of patients. 

helping all brain cancer patients:

Antibody therapies are a game changer as one of our most effective weapons in the fight against cancer.

One-on-one support provided to cancer patients including integrative health care support strategies.

Research we supported shows brain cancer patients could benefit from already FDA approved drugs shown effective in other cancer types.

Funding brain cancer research has already provided key information for best possible treatments.

The goal of our current campaign is to raise $250,000 to fund the advance of diagnostic and treatment tools for brain cancer patients.

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