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While CBD isolate products grabbed the early lime-lite in the market, it is the synergistic impact of full/broad spectrum hemp that will steal the show. New research has shown that the other components in the hemp plant can dramatically influence the effect that cannabinoids have on the body. One published paper indicated that it took 4 times the amount of CBD to achieve the same quality of life impact of broad/full spectrum hemp oil.


Immunodeficiency (caused by poor nutrition, stress and toxicity) has become the #1 cause of disease, disabilities and death in the world. Acemannan, the biologically active molecule in aloe vera, has been shown to be nature’s most powerful non-toxic molecule for “rebooting” the immunomodulatory functions of the immune system. Combining the immune modulating fractions of Acemannan with nano-sized, hydrophilic hemp cannabinoids and hemp terpenes provides a synergistic impact (1 +1 = 4) that can dramatically enhance overall immune support.

Entourage High Potency Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

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